Sunday, April 23, 2006

A look back!

A look back at my visit over the Pond. It was my first time to Carlisle, Seaham (Sunderland), Hartlepool and Edinburgh. It was a fantastic time! Each place was special. The one place that still stands out above the rest is Halifax Town and the special freinds I have there. Once again there was not enough time to do everything I wanted to do. Those who did not make it to Carlisle missed out on a good time plus you would have seen a very good soccer match unlike the one we saw in Hartlepool. The new freinds I have in Carlisle are great and it will be fun to visit them in the future. Hartlepool was a greatt time as well thanks to Dave and the front office. Words can not be found for the wonderfull time we all had in Seaham because of Gary Lamb. Gary is the best host I have ever had. His planning was amazing. A special thanks goes out to Chris Hallwood and his family for making me feel at home in Halifax Town. Cheers to all for a trip I will never forget!


Saturday, April 22, 2006

My last day!

Timber Howie and I rode the train north to Edinburgh! What super weather and what a fantastic city. We had lunch and then walked the Magic Mile to Edinburgh Castle. Took a tour plus many photos and took in the rest of the city on walkabout. This was a fun way to end my travels on my trip Over the Pond!! Back to the USA in the morning.

Cheers Drumman

The Big Match!

Had a good Breakfast at the Chapel House we then got ready for the big match!
We set off just after Noon arrived at the Stadium of Light at 1:00. The Timbers Army kept together for our own safety as you never know with it being a huge derby day match! Allison was taken to the press area to get ready for taking photos pitch side. Gary got us in to the supporters pub where we could relax before the match. From the pub you could look over the pitch and look into the city as well. We saw the bitter rivals supporters coaches arrive with police escort to make sure they would not cause any problems. The police were in the sky as well. There were over 30 coaches that were escorted in. It was s sight to see.

We made our way to our seats as the match was to start. When the music started everyone stood up as the teams were about to come out of the tunnel. As the music changed the players made their way onto the pitch.

The match got on the way with Sunderland in control. Then the greatest thing came to be as Sunderland broke though. Justin Hoyte scored for Sunderland at the Stadium of Light went crazy! Sunderland was in control as the first half ended.

Second half on the way with Sunderland seems to be doing well when the worst of all things happen. Keeper Kelvin Davis has problem with what should have been an easy feed from his defender. Davis mis handles the pass and Micheal Chopra scores for Newcastle in the 60th minute. Things get worse as 2 minutes latter a PK ia awarded after a man is taken down in the box. Alan Shearer scores from the spot. Four minutes after that Newcastle scores for a third time. Then just before the match was to end. 40,000 at the match.

On a good note Carlisle 2 Nottingham County 1 and Halifax Town 2 York 0

One last Party at the Harbor View. Sunderland manager Kevin Ball paid the Timbers Army a visit. We all said our goodbyes to a great host Gary Lamb!

Cheers Drumman

Day 10

he Mayor of Seaham held a reception for the Timbers Army at the Seaham Liesure Center. The mayor of Sunderland came as well Gary Rowell who was one of Sunderlands football stars of the past. Betsy was presented with a frame Kit signed by all the Sunderland players.

New age Kurling took place right after the reception with the team of Betsy Ross, Whiz, Finny and Brian taking the Championship Cup. Betsy Ross was named best player of the competition. Team über Allles was the only team the had beat the champions in the previous rounds by a shocking 5-1 margin. Pounder, Hoss, Howie and the Drumman were team Über Allles.

Later in the evening we made our way over to Bobby Kerr’s Pub meeting with the rest of the Sunderland Branches. Bobby was Captan of the Sunderland whem they won the FA Cup. A great time was had once again,

Cheers Drumman


17 Timbers Army went down to Hartlepool at see them play Bristol City. Our first stop was to meet Dave in the Pools bar. This bar was deck out with scarfs hanging from the ceiling. The Timbers Army scarf would be the first scarf from the USA! I soon met up with Mark Simpson who arranged a grounds tour for us. On our way to the tour we scarfed the manager for Hartlepool .A very nice pitch for a third division side. Small stands that only held 7,000 fans. We made our way to the club shop where many of us pickup scarfs and kits. Once back in the Bar we all met Haggis the Monkey the mascot of the team so we scarfed him as well. Haggis makes Chainsaw the Monkey poor at best.

We stood with the Pool fans behind he goal. The match got on its way with Hartlepool playing “Bobby Ball” which was sad to see. They were controlling most of the match but were weak in the mid and back. It did not take Bristol City long to find the net thus Pool was down 1-0 early. Pool seem to struggle a bit after that as Bristol City pressed a bit more. Some bad coverage by the back line of Pool made an easy 2nd goal for Bristol City. The half ended with some boos from the home fans.

The Bristol City fans were few in number but did make more noise the the Hartlepool . The second half had Hartlepool coming our way. We all had hope that this would spur the team on. Hartlepool continued to struggle and it was not until the 85 minute that they found the net. That home fans came to life but it was too late to grab any points. The loss puts even more pressure on the Club to stay up in League 1.

We made our way back to Seaham to get ready for The Scouts party for the Timbers Army. It would be another late night once again!!!

Cheers Drumman

Halifax Town!

The Timbers Army awoke refreshed after a long trip the day before had a bit of food and then got ready for the match. We boarded the coach at 11:00 in the morning on our way to Manchester. I was being dropped off at the Halifax Town Junction where I would meet up with my good friend Chriss Hallwood.

I got off the coach at about 1:00 in the afternoon and Chris was nice enough to show me around the country side stopping at a Village. The area was fantastic filled with many farms in these high rolling hills the likes I have never seen in Oregon. These villages we pasted through were all built around or before the 1600. We walked around one village the people who lived there were very open to stingers. Chris was telling me the get many visitors from around the world. We sat down for some tea and caught up on how we were both doing. We then took off to his home where I met his family for the first time other then his son Kye who is on the Timbers Army scarf board. Very nice home overlooking the valley below where you can see the river that runs through Halifax Town. We did a walkabout in the area in which he lived it was very nice. I sat down to tea with his family and enjoyed the visit.

Then Chris dropped me off at the Shay where I met up with Gavin who was the first fan that I had contact with many years ago. He was in the South Stand Bar as I entered. We talked a bit and other fans who remembered my last trip came over to say Hi. An hour before Kick off the place was wall to wall people. Then it was time to head up to the South terrace. It was a great feeling standing with the die hard fans that make all the noise. The teams came out and the match was on.

Halifax Town had the play in the first half and Greg Young found the net half way through the half. 1 -0 for Town! Good chanting coming from our end. The visitors looked like the pod in numbers. Town had many chances and if it were not for Stevenage Borough keeper the half could have ended 3-0. Town had to settle for 1-0 at half time. The second half saw Stevenage Borough on the attack and then when you had thought the Shaymen had gained another 3 points at home Stevenage scored on a corner kick. With less the 5 minutes remaining the Shaymen were not able to mount a good scoring attempt and it looked as if Stevenage were pleased to settle for a tie. All in all great match between the Shaymen who are 3rd and Stevenage who are 5th in the table.

I went back to the South Stand Bar a had some more pints. I did a Pod cast with two fans Johnny (The historian) and Mark (Demonite) a bit short but with the draw most town fans headed for home. Chris met me for a Pint as I waited for the coach going back to Seaham.
A very fun day for me and the rest of the Timbers Army as they saw a 0-0 match in Manchester.

Cheers Drumman

Day 7 Timbers Army arrives

The day started on a phone call that sent Gary up the wall. The coach service were told they had to stay 10 miles away from the Man U grounds on Friday till match time. Problem was the rest of the Timbers Army needed to be pick up before the match at Manchester. After many phone calls all was worked out.

First to arrive was the BBC reporter who was doing a story about the Timbers Army visit. Alllie arrived shortly after which the mini bus an hour latter. After everyone settled in the BBC did a report from the Inn and the Stadium of Light.

The Stadium of Light was very impressive. We were given a tour which started with us walking out of the tunnel and on to the pitch with the famous music. Fantastic stuff! We were showed round the rest of the Stadium. This included the dressing rooms, many lounges, sports bars, and executive areas, box seats and all the great things to see. The BBC reporter finished up a the Stadium of Light and we scarfed the lad.

When we got back to the Inn Finny had arrived and Pounder was not that far behind. Gary came with Howie a few minutes latter. So that was about 14 Timbers Army that came in today.

In the evening their was a welcome party at Sylvia's Pub. Three Branches where there to meet the Timbers Army. The Bellingham Branch seemed to be the most out spoken. We received pins and a DVD of Sunderland winning the FA Cup. Lots of food and Karaoke took place. Hoss won the best singing trophy with “The Ring of Fire” and Finny won the drinking trophy. Most of the Timbers Army left early because of jet lag. Pounder and I left about 1:00AM. On to match day on Friday!

Cheers Drumman

Day 6 Travel day

Left Carlisle at 8:30 arrived at Seaham at 11:00 AM. Ian the owner of the Harbor View Inn, was waiting at the train station and gave me a lift with my luggage to the Inn. After finding out there is no wireless connection for miles I had a Brew Then I set off for the Roman ruins at Corbridge. Hopped back on the train made good time back to the site. About a 30 minute walk to the ruins through the Village of Corbridge. Interesting to see the Romans built something that long ago. The Village itself was very nice. The bridge across the river to the Corbridge was built out of stone and one lane wide. Made my way back to Seaham and had another Pint before Gary and Pong showed up. Had a good meal drinks and chat. Help Gary with some stuff and hit the sack.

Cheers Drumman

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Match day at Rochdale

Match day Rochdale. Game called off due to water logged pitch. In the lower division the grounds crew have no money thus games get called all the time. This is like the 9th game that has been called off in Rochdale. So this means I had to drink with my friends. Not much more to say other then I had a great time in Carlisle. The last two picture are from the Cumbria Pub.
The first picture is Morton Blue and Bluecorner. It was well worth the visit as these fans are as proud as the Sunderland fans are of there club. Those who do not follow or go to lower division games have no idea what they a missing. So I say good bye to Carlisle.

Cheers Drumman

Monday, April 10, 2006

Day 4 Another Walkabout day!

Another walkabout day. After today's walk about I do have to say Carlisle is a fantastic place to visit. The sky was blue plenty of sunshine as I went about checking things out.

I started the day with a trip to Brunton Park. Barbara from the supporters club showed me around and was scarfed in the process. Getting an inside look was fantastic. She took me to the board room, locker room, boot room and the famous tunnel to the pitch. What a fantastic feeling coming out of the tunnel onto the pitch! The photos in this blog post will get you an idea. The first photo will be of the trophy case then the stands and so on. I was sitting or standing in the top row of the of the C in the photo of the Social (east stand) and a fantastic view. The chants were in the section next to us. Thanks Barbara showing me the place.

It was such a nice day I took some better photos of the Castle and main square. The last photo will be my Pub The Border Rambler where my good friend Al is the bartender. You will see a street sign that is in the lower right hand corner says Portland Place! How cool is that!! It is getting close to dinner plus some more drinking at my pub!!!!

Cheers everyone from the Drumman

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Carlisle Castle Day 3

Sunday Day 3

A tour of Carlisle Castle on a day that saw some snow!!! Yes snow. It did not stick but it was snowing off and on all day. The Castle was easy to find which is good as I went on a walk about. The Castle has some great history as Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned for a short time there. It was interesting that the Romans build a fort there as it was a key place where it was the first line of defense against invaders. Worth the time to see if you visit Carlisle.

The center of town has a nice square full of shops no cars to dodge set up very well. Crazy to see a KFC on the edge of the square. The street where my Hotel is at is the main night life in Carlisle and it got loud last night . A block from here is Portland Road!! How strange is that. It will be a quite night which is good as I could use it.

Cheers Drumman

Match Day

The day started with a major hang over that did not stop me. I met up with Northern Lads brother Paul and his young son for some Pints at the Rugby Club house. Mark and Southportblue. We made it over to the match and made our way to the top of the east stand named the Cumberland Building Soc. Stand. They have cheer leaders lol. A good thing is they do nothing during the match. They have a stuffed Fox they put in the center spot before the players take the pitch. We were next to the chanting and I do say they had some good stuff. They do a lot less then the Timbers Army does but what they do is very effective. It it awesome seeing everyone in the stands young kids to old farts get into the match. There was no sitting on their hands stuff like we have at PGE Park. No smoke no flares and clean language (was surprised to hear that). They do not put up banners or hold them up in the stands. Fans would jump to their feet when Carlisle came close to scoring a goal.

The match was fairly even with very few shots on goal. Just after half time Michael Bridges put one in the back of the net. The crowd went crazy!!! Is was awesome to see. Grismby Town stepped it up a notch after that and forced the Carlisle keeper to make some great saves. It was a clean match with very few fouls. Carlise United is now 6 points clear at the top of the table with 6 matches left to play.

Went with Tommy and Gary to the wedding reception of Stoner. What a great time and another late night!

Cheers Drumman

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The First day!

Greetings from Carlisle! Sorry I am late of the first entry. A bit hung over this morning. Wild night on Friday. Arrived here at 4:00 in the afternoon. Made all my connections even the train! LOL. Seems to rain most of the time but hey who cares blue sky at the moment. It is a bit cold make sure those coming over bring warm stuff with you.

Now on to last night. I met up with Gary and his better half for some pints. They must have took me to every pub in town. Trust me their are more bars here within walking distance then Portland. I lost count of how many I took in as the Pints took over. Tommy joined us at one of the pubs. He is getting hitched on Saturday and will miss the match. Boy is he getting grief for that one! I did meet others as well but the names all mix in (too many pints).
We started talking about football and the match with Grismby Town. the Blues win this one and the should win the league. Then it went to politics and boy the liberal came out from me which is good as they all hate Bush over here. Well it is getting close to drinking time again so I must be off. I would post match results but I will be drinking after the match as well. When I am able I will try to get you a half-ass match report.
Cheers the Drumman

Monday, March 06, 2006

This Blog will be about my Trip to England

This is the Timbers Drumman. I set this Blog up to have a place that I could have a daily report on my Trip to England in April. I will be leaving Portland on April 6th for Edinborgh Scotland. On the 7th I travel to Carlisle England. I will watch the Blues play on the 8th and the 11th down in Rochdale. I will party with their fans and leave for Seaham April 12th and will stay til I leave for home. During my days at Seaham I will be taking day trips to Scotland to see the many sites. On April 14th I head to Halifax Town to watch the Shaymen play. On the 15th I will meet up with some Timber fans for a match at Hartlepool. Then the big match on the 17th at Sunderland. When I am in Seaham I will meet up with Gary and the rest of the Sunderland fans for some good drinking. More will be posted soon.